The Goal: ||Travel to every country in the world||


Gary O’ Keeffe

Gary is an life adventurer from Abbeyleix, a man on a mission to see the world.

More about Gary

Gary O’Keefe is a business owner from Ireland and has a passion for showing how world adventure travel is affordable and do-able for everybody.

Gary owns a successful Recruitment and HR business in Dublin, Ireland, and although he works hard, he believes that work isnot everything, and that we can all push ourselves to be more adventurous and have a whole lot of fun doing it.

Gary is as ordinary as the next man or woman, he is married with two young daughters and a dog, but not ordinary in his thinking.

He applies extreme positivity, irreverence and a never ending sense of humor to every single day, and has a simple motto,

“you can’t feel bad when you’re laughing”

Follow Gary’s journey across the globe as he travels from country to country in a 4X4.

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